no me digas

cute girl at menchie’s said she liked my nails and I told her they were $1 at dollar tree and she freaked out! I love helping my ladies out!

my parents are downstairs talking about how I wake up at 11:30 and dont appreciate anything and dont have a worry in the world







talking heads - girls want to be with the girls

there’s just no love
when there’s boys and girls

girls are getting int abstract analysis
they want to make an intuitive leap
making plans that have far reaching effects

and the boys say, ‘what do you mean?’

tbh i need that Nicki shower curtain for my dorm please

Kimora is hysterical saying “I will take my cork louboutins and i will WALK my ass home. Never shoulda let you drive me NO PLACE” pleeeeeease I love Kimora